Morris Ogbowu (b. 1993) is a contemporary multimedia Nigerian-Canadian artist.



Morris is a Visual Artist and Musician, interested in the experimentation and fusion of the Arts. As a Visual Artist, he grew up in the fine arts to become a self taught hyper-realism pencil artist. He explored hyper-realism as a focus study through different series of works created with the utmost attention to detail. Each series is a time capsule holding together graphite dust and smeared charcoal powder as it represents a period where an artist finds their niche and simply submits totally to the creative process. The growth, patience and craftsmanship is present with every other piece. Morris sees hyper-realism as another skill-set that can be achieved with applying the extraordinary focus, dedication and technique. His work has been exhibited across Ontario, and as an Artrepreneur, he has ran a commission based Art Business providing portraiture services to clients.


Academic Background

Morris is an Algonquin College Alumni. He studied Professional Concept Art and Illustration and acquired a number of skills required in the media production industry; concept art design, background Color/location design, game design, character Design, comic books, story boarding and script writing to name a few. Prior to studying the digital medium, being self taught and familiar with the traditional brings an authentic edge to his work. With the knowledge of both pencil on paper and pen on tablet, he has developed unique inter-disciplinary approaches, efficiently executing a variety of styles to deliver works that stand out. He thrives off exploring and excelling in several artistic practices and is capable of honing in and harnessing the suave in select styles. Morris is looking for a studio where he can fuel his passion to create, in any and all directions.

Music Background

As a music performer, he retains spoken-word/poetry delivered with a genre-bending cosmopolitan hip-hop/future-soul usually reserved for the north America's, larger, competitive club-scapes: Atlanta, Toronto, LA and Queens. He was awarded the "Artist of the year" award by Lerouge 2015 and went on an Ontario wide campus tour in 2016. For the past three years, he released 3 short Audio-Visual Compilations, written, performed and self directed. He continues experimenting with fusing his sound an visual art together into whole contemporary story-telling presentations.