Past Client Work

Portrait of my neighbor's puppy

A single portrait

Single Portrait (work in progress)

The contrast and tonal range of this portrait required areas of light grey tones and a distinctive black for the parts caught in shadow, the pupils, the strands of hairs making up the beard and also the thread/stitching on the clothing worn by the subject. For this reason, i stuck mainly to using just graphite for the face/skin, charcoal powder for black heads and charcoal pencil for the other distinctive black areas.

A couple's portrait

10-art by mo5(1).jpg
21-art by mo9(1).jpg

couple's portrait

sprayed, framed and ready for delivery.


couple's portrait

replicating textures that give the illusion of skin is one way to approach a photo realistic piece. Working from a high resolution reference photo and being able to visually perceive the infinite amount of details on my subject, i am able to push photo-realism further into hype-realism by recreating the skin's texture, pore for pore, with variation in size and with each infinite small dot of a pore having its own shadow and catching its own highlight in particular directions. Through a rigorously slow application, the layers are built up until the "hyper-depth" is achieved.

This piece was done on a very light weight paper with a textured surface. Erasers were used every step of the way, for either absorbing some graphite or charcoal or raising up tones to give a variation after the application of each layer.