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Ain't I A Woman - I am A Man   On now until April 28th at Design Exchange, Toronto. 

"WAGE WAR" is an audio-visual presentation, experimenting with the fusion of expressionism, spoken word, music and self portrait photography. This piece will be performed at the closing reception of the exhibition, within 1- 4pm on April 23rd.

I will wage war against these norms

can't suffer my efforts to bring forth bad fluid fruit

like we drain the slums 

can't falter the wage she wants

age will not constrain his hunts

rapid fire from rabid hire,

get and loose a job anytime they choose to lay u off

Yet again you lost, but guess who won.

these rappers sugar coating on a deeper level

a different devil we face whenever they kill a rebel

captain told me to skip the pushing and move to action

stir the waters, open the capsule, see fools reactions

They'll be like "who even asked him"

"always boasting in his captions" 

"If he had opinions i wonder would you back him"

we went back and forth as we talked

about how the background is cursed

so we fight for rights on the cusp of survival against the cops

like we doing it for the praise! 

would you rather debate your race in a Mercedes or a Porsche?

I'm proud of my growth and pace...

I've got piece of mind  by his grace

i do whatever it takes

the fact I'm already great

must give your pillars the shakes

disgrace is all on your face

you told me I made a lot of mistakes

so i regrouped and corrected myself

as for sm ep, I just had to test myself


had to relate with the times

how long did this take to design ?

had a choice to be great or divine

it's like being offered grape for the wine

only here to correct the mistakes to your mind

so much fate in the grind

and if you talk shit I might take out your spine

or split an adjective in half

then stick the sharp end of it's branch into ur narcissism

please don't get me started.

usually I'm outspoken only when I'm getting therapy

share my feelings with my therapist and tell her please

don't compare me to patients who need a shrink

i have have been very broke now finally I get the cheese

you go woke so they wonder if u ever slipped

yes I've been down in ignorance

they should have never mixed brown skin with frowns

The outcome is too much arrogance how come they find him tolerant

I'll tell you why

I put soul into lifeless words, alphabetical vessels

put your feelings in circles in motion and in loopholes

devotional with two quotes

dysfunctional systems, screwed up and missing a few bolts

my rational told me stake out, been given the full scope

have it penetrate their thoughts, have it elevate their pulse

Mess with poetry in rap until heart's beat rate ran past

the streets you praise

snap back if you loose your faith, branch out and begin ur chase

you better stay true to your feelings and don't stray off on this path

but use anger, to wage war against these norms

don't suffer your efforts to bring forth bad fluid fruit

like you drain the slums 

don't falter the wage you want

age will not constrain your hunts

rapid fire from rabid hire,

get and loose a job anytime they choose to lay you off

yet again you lost, but guess who won



Black Creators' Month - OCAD University

"Adonis Bosso" on display at the Ada Slaight Gallery, Feb 3rd - 24th


The exhibition, curated by students of the OCADU BLXCK ASSOCIATION, features 20 artists who explore the meaning of Blackness in Canada in the year 2017 through visual culture. The exhibition is spread throughout multiple locations on the OCAD University campus: the Main Lobby, the Ada Slaight Gallery on the 2nd Floor of 100 McCaul St. and the Open Gallery at 49 McCaul St.



Archive from my second portrait series "B.H.M" (Black History Month series) -2014, showcased at several exhibitions across ottawa. 


Home Land Faces

Archive from my first portrait series and was showcased at the 51st Nigerian Independence celebration hosted by Nigerian Student Association, Carleton University.